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Hanoi at its best in autumn

Hanoi’s autumn charms, its serene scenes of golden-yellow foliage accompanied by the wafting scent of 'com' (young rice flakes), attract countless visitors to the city.

Sunshine filtering through leaves around Hoan Kiem Lake on a tranquil evening.

Hanoi is at its best in the autumn—the most beautiful season of the year.

An ancient house nestled under autumn leaves.

A street vendor bringing the fragrance and colour of flowers to Hanoi’s streets early in the morning.

Hanoians exercise while enjoying a peaceful morning.

Freshly fallen leaves cover the pavement, making for a captivating romantic scene.

A Hanoi street set against the azure expanse of the autumn sky.

Long Bien Bridge stands out against a crystal-clear blue sky.

Green young rice flakes known as com—a specialty of autumn in Hanoi.

A lady in an Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) poses for a photo to keep as a memento of a beautiful autumn moment

Nhan Dan

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